Cyclists and Walkers Welcome

This is a great area to cycle and walk in with many different grades of route all within close reach. We understand the importance of having a comfortable place to come back to after a long day, with the right facilities to suit your specific needs so you can relax and recharge your batteries for the next day's adventure.

There is a separate utility room which has a washer/dryer so your gear will be dry and warm for the next day even if your off road ramble has been a muddy one!


You'll find information on buses, trains and ferries if you want to explore further afield.


There are some suggested local walking routes and we can point you in the direction of popular cycling routes too.


We can provide lockable covered storage for bikes and we can let you have the use of cloths and a hose pipe to clean off the day's grime.


The cycle shop in the area will be happy to help if you need them and having a keen cyclist in our own family we will probably have the tool you need but forgot to pack!





Association of Scotland's Self Caterers

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